The Importance of Fallout 4 Console Command

With today’s advanced technology in PC games as well as other gadgets, one will have to be ahead from the other gamer in order to win the game. In this particular, manufacturers of any PC game also develops new technology to catch the speedy inventions of games. In this fast paced situations, fallout 4 commands are invented.

Fallout 4 is an extraordinary game with sufficient room to offer, however, if the player wants more greater distance to mess around more than the Bethesda, he can level up the game if he wants too. With the ability and capacity of the tilde key(~) of your PC, you can activate the in-game console. By using this tilde key, the whole cheats commands will altered which resulted to good or bad situations.

If you want to activate the in-game console, just press the tilde key (~) beside the “1” key. Tapping the tilde key will lead you to dark grey console on the bottom part of your screen where you can place your input commands. In this order, the command will manipulate the game such as add items, kill enemies, apply god mode, change sex and many more to your inventory.

As a whole, Fallout 4 is a vast king-sized game filled with all classification of hot search in activities. However if you played it in PC, you can find some packet of crazy cheats of different gameplay that can be fun and over the top technique. Here are the top cheats that you can use in fallout 4 cheats:

God mode. You will input “tgm” on your keyboard, it will give your character the ability of a god-like mode with unlimited ammo, unlimited actions and invincibility.
Super jump. You will type “setgs f JumpHeighMin” on your keyboard, this command will give you superhuman jumping abilities. Be sure to use this command in synchronicity with god command.
Super running speed. Typed on your keyboard the “player.setav speedmult. This commands will grant you a super speed ability.
Increase your level. Typed on your keyboard the “player.set level . This commands will give you increase your character to whatever level you want.
Spawn enemies. You will typed on your keyboard “placeatme . In addition you can follow with . This command will give you spawn specific enemies in the field.
Spawn items. Just typed “player.additem. In addition you can follow . This will add to your inventory.
Increase/decrease in size. You will typed “setscale . This command will increases and decreases the size of your character in the desired target.
Turn off collision detection. You will typed “tcl”. This commands will turn off all collision in the game, you can go through all walls and objects.
Travel to a specific location. On your keyboard, you will type “ coc . You can travel wherever you want to elude or escape from the enemy.
The secret room. You will type “coc qasmoke. This command will bring to a secret room that accomodate you every item of powered armor.
Turn off combat al. You can typed on the keyboard “tcai”. You can use this command to turn off the enemy’s combat when you’re about to die.
Murder everything around you. You can typed “killall”. You can use this command to kill all your enemy in the surrounding.
Change your sex. You can typed on your keyboard “player.sexchange. You can use this command to change your character’s sex.

To activate your cheat mode, you have to input their phrases into the game’s console command by pressing the tilde{~) located beside the “1” key. However, be more careful with the commands, continue with caution to make sure to back up your saved games, for all commands are sensitive. Find more details here:

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